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Item # Description Weight Price
BBQ Shrimp Sauce Mix
What began as a traditional New Orleans dish is now yours to prepare at home! So delicious, no one will believe you didn't spend hours in the kitchen. Serve with lots of crusty french bread for mopping up the sauce.
3oz $1.99
Hush Puppy Mix

Word has it that hunters discovered fried leftover batter made the perfect treat for their dogs - kept 'em quiet too. Each toss to the dogs was accompanied by the phrase "Hush, Puppy!"

7oz $1.99 

Louisiana Crispy Cajun Fish Fry
Because some like it hot! Our latest addition to the #1 selling fish fry company in the U.S. A perfect blend of corn meal and corn flour with Louisiana seasonings everyone loves.
10 oz $1.99

Louisiana Beer Batter Fish Fry
Introducing our newest addition to the #1 selling fish fry brand in the U.S. Our light and flaky pub style batter is perfectly seasoned and perfect for seafood and onion rings. Just add your favorite brew or any carbonated drink and Enjoy!


8.5 oz $1.99

Louisiana Seasoned Fish Fry
The Fry that started it all...perfect for fish, shrimp or oysters. We've added just the right blend of seasonings to ensure the perfect plate every time you fry.


10 oz $1.99


Louisiana Crawfish, Crab & Shrimp Boil
For the chef who likes to do things his own way, this unseasoned fry is the perfect place to start. Just season the way you like it and enjoy!
5 oz $1.99


Louisiana All Natural Fish Fry
For the chef who likes to do things his own way, this unseasoned fry is the perfect place to start. Just season the way you like it and enjoy!
10 oz $1.99


Louisiana New Orleans Style Fish Fry with Lemon
Our famous seasoned fish fry, with just the right touch of lemon already in the mix.
10 oz $1.99 


Louisiana Shrimp Fry
Ideal for shrimp but also great for oysters, onion rings and vegetables. And with just the right touch of seasoning to make any mouth water.
10 oz $1.99 


Louisiana Cajun Etouffée
A delicious blend of onions, bell peppers, celery and spices. Just add shrimp, crawfish or chicken, serve over rice and enjoy.
2.5oz $1.99


Louisiana Cajun Gumbo Mix
You don\'t have to be Cajun to make great gumbo anymore. Our Gumbo Mix does it all for you! Add your own fresh sausage, seafood or chicken, serve over rice and enjoy.
5oz $1.99

Louisiana Cajun Jambalaya Mix
Jambalaya is easily the most famous of all Cajun dishes. Just add your own sausage, chicken or pork and the rest is in the bag. It's as simple as cooking a pot of rice and tastes out of this world.
7.5oz $1.99


Louisiana Shrimp Creole Mix
A rich sauce with just the right amount of onions, bell peppers, celery, garlic and herbs help to make this a Louisiana favorite.
2.61oz $1.99


Louisiana Cobbler Mix
Peach, apple, blueberry or blackberry, nothing beats a hot cobbler...except maybe a hot cobbler with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! You supply the fruit and with this mix you'll create a delicious desert that cooks to a golden brown.

(this is SOOOOO good! Use it with many different varieties of fruit)

10oz $1.99


Louisiana Cayenne Pepper 1.5oz $1.99


Louisiana Crawfish, Crab & Shrimp Boil Bag
Just toss in a bag of this seasoning, and let the whole herbs and spices work their magic.
3oz $2.29


Louisiana Cajun Seasoning
A delicious all-purpose seasoning for meat, fish, vegetables, soups, salads or anything else you can think of. Use as you would salt and pepper.
8oz $1.99


Louisiana Blackened Seasoning
Great for blackening, barbecuing, or grilling fish, shrimp or meat.
2.5oz $1.99


Louisiana Gumbo Filé
It will give your gumbo that extra thickness and flavor that'll keep'em all coming back for more.
1.25oz $1.99

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